Wednesday, December 11, 2013
  Opening Night Film Screening Location: Globe Princess Theatre, Governor’s Harbour
  Opening Night Filmmakers Reception Location: Tippy’s, Banks Road
Thursday, December 12, 2013
   Daily Film Screening Location: Globe Princess Theatre
Friday, December 13, 2013
   Daily Film Screening Location: Globe Princess Theatre
   Special Screening for School Students Location: Globe Princess Theatre
   Closing Night Film Location: Globe Princess Theatre
   Junkanoo Rush-out Location: Globe Princess Theatre to The Fish Fry at Anchor Bay
$10.00 $25.00
$5.00 per film $15.00 Day Pass*
$5.00 per film $15.00 Day Pass*
*Note: Day Pass does not include Opening Night or Closing Night Films
Tickets can be purchased starting Monday, November 25, 2013 at The Harbour Boutique in the Paul Simmons Building, Cupid’s Cay, Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera


OPENING NIGHT FILM AT 6:30PM - BAHAMIAN SON Bahamian Son is an independent feature film, based on true events, from the life of the writer Reggie Henderson. The story follows Kevin as he sets out to find his father, whom he hasn't seen in more than thirty years. During his journey, Kevin examines his own life and the family he has built for himself, during his childhood, having growns up in the projects of North Minneapolis. After Kevin tracks down his father, he travels to the Bahamas to meet him. What happens in the Bahamas, opens Kevin's eyes to a world and a history he never knew existed. It is also another test of Kevin's beliefs regarding family, loyalty, and what it means to be a son, a father, and a man.

9:30am – YOUTH FILM WORKSHOP FILMS CONTRARIAN Legendary investor, John Templeton, ranks among the top investors of all time. Long before Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch were on the radar, thousands of people were trekking to Templeton’s annual meetings—making Templeton the first true rock star investor.Raised in a small rural town in Tennessee, Templeton was profoundly influenced by his mother who encouraged his sense of adventure from an early age. She also imbued in her son an indefatigable sense of optimism, which proved to be indispensable years later when John’s father lost everything with a risky bet on cotton futures. Undeterred, John stayed on at Yale (and later at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar), paying his own way with the earnings from three jobs and nightly poker games. John’s resilience and his meteoric rise as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist can be attributed to lessons learned in his youth: think differently, live frugally, be willing to bet against conventional thinking, and, above all, be honest. This made Templeton unique, particularly on Wall Street. Rating: All Ages

11:00am – SIDE BY SIDE Side by Side explores with refreshing honesty the unique bond between a brother and a sister, Lauren and Harvey have been forced into an adult world due to tragic family circumstances. Facing the rest of their already tenuous childhood apart. Harvey is given a lifeline and runs away looking for their estranged Grandfather, their last remaining relative and potentially the only person who can keep their family together. Lauren having made some rash decisions without consulting her brother, has no choice but to follow. Influenced by classic British children's literature and shot against the backdrop of some of the country's most breathtaking landscape, this is a rare and genuinely heartfelt tale, about the real magic of two siblings finding themselves through simply being with each other

1:00pm – IMAGINE A FUTURE Imagine a Future follows the story of Delaware teen Janet Goldsboro as she wrestles with her insecurities, and travels to South Africa to examine the historical and present beauty, and self-esteem issues that challenge black women and girls. Through this experience, Janet goes through a remarkable transformation – one that frees her to be her most beautiful self and provides her with the strength and power to re-affirm her definition of beauty

The film begins with an encounter. The filmmaker has traveled to the Bahamas to meet, for the first time, old friends of his grandparents. They are a Haitian-Bahamian family who arrived in New Providence over half a century ago. The film maker's self-narrative then withdraws from the plot and allows the members of the family to share themselves with the audience. At the center is Marjorie, the film maker's Grandmother's Goddaughter, whose bright, ambitious and attractive personality shines through. The film was made for the Social Sciences department at the University of Manchester, the United Kingdom. It explores anthropological themes of identity, migration, kinship and gender. However, its academic grounding does not prevent it from being a humorous and touching documentary. Ratings: All Ages

2:30pm – FINDING HILLYWOOD Set amongst the hills of Rwanda, Finding Hillywood chronicles one man's road to forgiveness, his effort to heal his country, and the realization that we all must one day face our past. A unique and endearing documentary about the very beginning of Rwanda's film industry and the pioneers who bring local films to rural communities. A real life example of the power of film to heal a man and a nation

4:00pm – BROTHERS HYPNOTIC For the eight young men in the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, 'brotherhood' is literal: they are all sons of anti-establishment Chicago jazz musician, Phil Cohran. They grew up in the same house, in a family of 24 siblings, on a strict diet of jazz, funk, and Black Consciousness. Family band practice began at 6 AM. Now grown, as they raise eight brass bells to the sky-- whether playing in the streets of New York City, collaborating with Mos Def or Prince, or wowing Atlantic records-- they find the values their father bred into them constantly tested. They must decide whether their fathers' principles really are their own. Rating: 15 Years and over

6:00pm – KEYS. WALLET. PHONE A woman seeks peace over breakfast in a cafe. But peace is not to be found this morning...

Nearlyweds stars Danielle Panabaker and Naomi Judd and is about three newly wed brides who find out their marriages aren't legal and have to decide if they are going to marry their not-so-Prince Charmings all over again.Some say the first year of marriage is the hardest but these newly weds can't even get past the honeymoon phase. Stella's husband wants her to be a stay at home mom and give up a chance at her dream career. Erin did not realize that her new husband and his conniving mother came as a package deal. And Casey thinks her husband is having an affair with his high school sweetheart! The stories intertwine, while the women help each other decide if they will marry again. Rating: All Ages

9:00pm – CHRYSANTHEMUM Emily is a troubled child.Like most teenagers, she has angst and rage against her parents. Her favorite pas-times are doing drugs and aggravating her mother.One day, she meets Jack, and her world changes forever. Jack is older by some years, smart, very good looking, but what attracts Emily the most is the danger.After an intense beginning, things start to go wrong. Now he has her, he plays with her.Can Emily overcome her internal battle with her mother and realize where she has gone wrong? Ratings: 18 Years and over

Young and beautiful Velvet is enjoying a relaxing morning in her New York brownstone when Fred interrupts. With suitcase in tow, he enters the apartment with great expectation. Not having seen or heard from Fred in nearly four years, Velvet is clearly surprised. As Fred unloads the reason for his resurfacing, the history and nature of their relationship is revealed. The weight of their reconnection becomes clear as tension mounts and their chemistry reaches its climax.

A group of teenagers board a bus for West Virginia, leaving the streets of Washington, DC to participate in an ambitious peace education program. For the first time in their lives Mark, Asha, Martha, and Corey play in mountain streams, sing under the stars, and confront the entrenched abuse, violence and neglect cycles of their past. But as they return to DC, each young person faces an unforgiving series of hurdles and roadblocks that challenge their efforts to build a better life. Through breathtaking visuals from street corners to mountaintops, Fly By Light is an intimate exploration of the chaotic, confusing, and emotional journey, to rewrite a young person's future. Rating: All Ages

11:45am – CAST THE FIRST STONE In early 2012, 75 actors and one theater director, all inmates at Angola Prison and Louisiana Correctional Institution for Women, came together to put on the performance of their lives. The cast and crew, made up of murderers and robbers, thieves and prostitutes, and no doubt a few wrongly convicted, prepared two yeas to put on a public performance of the life of Jesus Christ in the largest prison production of a Passion Play ever.  CAST THE FIRST STONE is a feature documentary about the most powerful and popular story in history. In a place with little hope of freedom, where 95% of the men who enter the gates perish, the story of a man who sacrifices his life to save the wretched of the Earth, resonates deeply. Ratings: All ages

1:45pm – TWO: THE STORY OF ROMAN & NYRO The Story Of Roman and Nyro documents the 12-year journey of legendary songwriter Desmond Child and his lifelong partner Curtis Shaw. It documents the extraordinary way they met and connected with Angela Whittaker, the woman who would carry their twin sons, Roman and Nyro, into the world. From preconception through the boys’ first 10 years, TWO is the personal and powerful story of these unique individuals whose lives become inextricably woven together in magical and unexpected ways. TWO is testament to the universal power and ultimate triumph of love – that it is love that makes a family, affirming modern families may be modern in their making, but timelessly human at their core.

3:00pm – THE LONG DRIVE HOME Ryan and Jessica head to Mississippi with their dementia-addled, but good natured Uncle John to attend the funeral of their recently deceased grandmother. With Jessica in a seemingly failed marriage and Ryan carrying a secret he has kept from his family, the baggage they are packing is heavy. They end their exhausting journey south only to be greeted by their overbearing mother and her never-ending critique on their lives as she hides her own depression with a bottle of wine. However, Aunt Fran and Uncle John are ever present to add humor to the ailing situation. With laughter and tears, director William Tyler takes his audience deep into the recesses of a modern, Southern family's struggle to stay together during a time of separation and death. The Long Drive Home is the journey of a family's fight to overcome division and difference of opinion and stay driven by love. Rating: 15 years and over

5:05pm – THE DREAM Adam Samsun, an investor at Eden Investments, is possibly cheating on his wife. Delilah Samsun, Adam’s wife, is possibly abusing Adam. For one of them, it is a dream, for the other it is a nightmare. Ratings: 18 Years and over.

Story of two different couples in a disturbed relationship. There is an incident that happens that brings the good person in both relationships together as one.

Everett approaches a beautiful girl in a cafe and attempts to strike up a conversation. Despite initially having some trouble holding her attention, he discovers that she is both inquisitive and incisive, and finds himself roped into telling the story of how he lost his wife and the unbelievable lengths to which he has gone to try to get her back. In doing so, he reveals that his intentions are not quite as simple as they had seemed.

6:00pm – BAYOU MAHARAJAH – JAMES BOOKER Bayou Maharajah explores the life, times and music of piano legend James Brooker, who Dr. John described as “the best black, gay one-eyed junkie piano genius New Orleans has ever produced.” This roller coaster portrait traces Booker’s life from his early years as a chart-topping child prodigy, his star-studded years playing as a sideman, through to his outrageous solo career, characterized by onstage performances in his underwear and dishing out drug-fueled conspiracy theories. Featuring interviews with the likes of Harry Connick Jr., Irma Thomas and Allen Toussaint and a generous helping of archival footage, the film brings to life the unforgettable story of this amazing musician.

8:00pm CLOSING NIGHT FILM – THE BLACK MOSES Was L.O Pindling, first black Prime Minister of The Bahamas, one of history's greatest national Liberators, or was he one of history's greatest national Drug Dealers? The Black Moses takes a looks at the popular folk 'moses mythology' as it was manifested through the life and times of Sir Lynden Pindling. It follows L.O Pindling as he sets on a course to bring about social, political, and economic revolution to the British Bahama Islands.